How can you survive as a company in this digital era and embrace all its opportunities? And how do you move from ‘doing digital’ to 'being digital’? In other words, how do you rewire your company’s DNA? Deloitte gives all the answers at their Digital DNA Summit and Skopei Films created a spectacular opening video for the flagship event.

The major challenge in this project was to come up with a concrete and coherent representation of the event's topics, without giving away any details. The fine balance between keeping it thematically abstract, yet intriguing enough to keep the audiences attention was a challenge.

The project was a technical mammoth as well. Most of the sound design and music was composed and created in house. The VFX segments were also carefully created in house, which elevated the video to another level. It was quite a daunting challenge that required many hours that turned into days of non stop work, but it paid off. Deloitte was so positively overwhelmed with our result that they decided to use it as a commercial all-year around while the video was initially only intended as opening act for their Digital DNA Summit.


direction | Haider Hussain                                                                                                                                    camera | Max van Boxel vfx | Paul van Sommeren


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