Having your own car is great. Any car owner will say that their car has a certain character, something that makes their vehicle different from any other car. It’s the personal touches within the space of the car that gives people a feeling of ownership of their car. But realistically speaking, do people really need to own the car they use to go places? The reality is that a car is standing still most of the time, which is a waste of money and resources. Aren’t there any other easy ways to use a car whenever you want, without needing to own one?

Enter Mobeazy, an online car sharing platform that uses Skopei software and hardware to reserve and open cars without needing a key. The company is focused on making car sharing as easy as possible so that the user can use the cars comfortably and instantly.

Skopei Films created a commercial that showcases the convenience and comfort of using Mobeazy, while also tapping into the sentiment of ownership and character of the car. We created a film that is shot exclusively from inside a car, depicting situations that this car encounters every day. Essentially, this commercial is giving the viewer the car’s point of view, showing that sharing cars also have a character of their own.


director | Haider Hussain
cinematographer | Max van Boxel


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