The Next Gen Board is board of young Deloitters that represents young Deloitte employees in the Netherlands. They bring a fresh set of eyes and presents new plans and ideas to the board of Deloitte.

The NGB asked Skopei Films to produce a video in which their role within the company is explained. Instead of making a corporate video with interviews, we opted for a video that sells a feeling. Because, the NGB shouldn’t just say that they are a refreshing group of young employees, the video should also undeniable feel like that too. That is why Skopei Films created concept in which the video is centred around one powerful voice-over, which introduces the viewer to various members of the board and to their core values. In the end this resulted in a short dynamic video that radiates the core message of the Next Gen Board!

direction | Haider Hussain
cinematography | Max van Boxel


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