Using public transport in the Netherlands, can be quite a challenge when it comes to user experience. This issue stroke the attention of TU Delft master graduate student Shen-Kao Cheng. He decided to research ways to improve the current OV system, and devised the ‘OV betalen’ app. This app allows its users to manage all their travels in one place and simplifies the whole process. Cheng and the TU Delft approached Skopei Films to design a suitable video that vividly explains his idea, so we created one that portrays the app from a user perspective.

The main challenge this project carried along was finding a way to show the use of the app without only using verbal language. We wanted to apply Cheng's idea in real life by presenting it from a user perspective. However, this concept of C2C-communication also forced us to solve the technical problem of filming with appropriate gear. We managed to push ourselves and came up with the idea to rig a camera to a helmet, allowing us to literally film from a user perspective. As the video shows, we succeeded in bringing a student’s project to life and in making the experience as immersive as possible!


direction | Max van Boxel                                                                                                                                   camera | Haider Hussain & Max van Boxel


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