Rewire Your DNA

When you are organising it’s important that all your media expressions are designed stylishly and have a coherent look and feel. This counts for whatever is shown before, during or after the event. The website, the print works, the posts on social media, videos and images should all have similar visual characteristics. In this way the visitors will get excited by your event, even before it takes place! During your event your visual identity should be visible across various forms of media, to create a unity that will enhance your visitors’ experience. After the event, an aftermovie will ensure this positive experience is cemented in their memory.


Strong identity

During the development of the visual identity of the Rewire Your DNA summit, we made sure to meet the fore-mentioned points. Deloitte challenged us to come up with a concrete and coherent representation of the event's topics, without giving away any details. The fine balance between keeping it thematically abstract, yet intriguing enough to keep the audiences attention was a challenge. This resulted in us designing the logo – the 3D shape of a digital DNA – which became the starting point for all the media that followed. Skopei Films provided Deloitte with a website for the summit, designed for print and made teasers.


Spectacular kick-off video

Every event should start with a bang, in order to get the visitors hyped up for what is to follow. That is why we produced an epic kick-off video that introduced the Digital DNA concept. We created a cinematic short film that helped Deloitte to grab the audience’s attention. After this presentation, the host gave a spectacular presentation that was guided by several animations and visuals that we crafted for his keynote. In addition to that, Skopei Films created stylish introductory bumpers for every speaker, so that the look of the event would be consistent throughout the day.



Visitors love seeing a summary of something where they have been. They can share these with friends and colleagues to show them what they have been up to, which will subsequently lead to more exposure for your event and brand. Another important reason to make an aftermovie, is to increase the visibility of your event. These days it is necessary to have photos and videos of your event, it is simply a must-have. If there are no images of your event available online, it is almost as if there was no event in the first place! Another reason to make an aftermovie, is to reach a new audience. A video is perfect way to introduce your event to your target audience, because a good aftermovie contains all the elements that will convince a potential visitor to come to your next event.


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