In collaboration with the Technical University of Delft and Science Magazine, we created the cover image of Science Vol. 361.

Dr. Matej Karásek wrote a research paper about a flapping-wing robot that he developed— called the DelFly Nimble, which was featured in Science Magazine (14 September 2018). Karásek was looking to create an captivating image to accompany his article and contacted Skopei Films. We created this image that features the amazing DelFly robot doing one of its aerial manoeuvres, captured in a way that is both exciting and clear. The light trails indicate the velocity of the robot while the device it self is frozen in time.

Along with the cover image, we also provided photos that have been used inside the magazine.

Once the issue of the magazine was released, the DelFly took the internet by storm. The cover image started appearing on various news websites and social media pages and evoked enthusiastic responses around the world.

Science Magazine wrote a blog about how this image came into existence, and can be read here.

photography | Max van Boxel

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