We take care of creating a strong visual identity when organising your event. A must-have in the organisation of your event is a strong visual identity.  Skopei Films is part of a digital agency, so we can offer a total package due to our range of knowledge and expertise. In co-operation we create a concept and coherent cross-media design for your event.

By means of a concept, we think of what best suits your event, budget, target group and wishes. The media we build include video’s, flyers, websites, online applications, presentations, VR and AR experiences, kick-off movies, Aftermovies, and many more. Together with your input, we conceptualise what media and style fit your event. Everything you need for a successful event from one place.

Get acquainted with our work.


Kick-off video

A spectacular kick-off video will raise interest for your event and is a great opening.

Posters and flyers

We design posters and flyers as invitations and promotional visuals with your brand identity.

Presentation visuals


During an event, presentations can become your most valued, interesting and stimulating visual.



An animation can give your visitor fun or serious information on your event in a short video.

Digital experiences

We create interactive experiences to involve the consumer in communication and activities.


To get people inspired we create fun teasers to introduce your event.



During the event bumpers are a great way to announce another speaker or theme.


A kick-ass Aftermovie attracts new visitors and is the best promotion tool for a next event.

Web and app development


We focus on the users by developing and designing web applications and native apps.


How we do what we do best

A spectacular cross-media design during the event will leave your customers in awe and leave a lasting positive experience.  Finalising this with a kick-ass Aftermovie ensures that your event will leave an amazing and lasting impression.

A well organised event can contribute to your identity, your content, storytelling and of course the relationship customers have with your brand. Our creative team ensures that all media communication is designed in a strong and coherent visual style to establish brand recognition and positive affiliation.


1. Concept development

ic_idea Created with Sketch.

Our art director will imagine and pan out a creative idea that best suits your event.The design will set priority to incorporate your corporate identity.


3. Digital technology development

Group 5 Created with Sketch.

The customer will get an extraordinary experience in which the digital world is interwoven into the physical world by app and web designs. Virtual, mixed, augmented reality, QR scan codes, you name it, everything in one setting to make your event one of a kind.

2. Graphic design

ic_graphic_design Created with Sketch.

Our experts care for unity in all visual stimulating media communication for your event. The design will set priority to incorporate your corporate identity.


4. Production

Group 2 Created with Sketch.

Our creative team makes sure that all media expressions are designed in a strong and coherent visual style in favour of brand recognition. A well organised event will contribute to your identity, your content and, of course, the recognition of your brand by customers.


Read about the visual marketing for Deloitte

Last year, Skopei Films in cooperation with Skopei Digital created the visual identity of Deloitte during their Rewire Your DNA event. The visual identity is created amongst the event and identity of Deloitte. We maintained a common theme in all visual media. We created the opening presentation for the main speaker, flyers, posters, and spectacular kick-off video. View the full event portfolio on this page.


Curious to know how Skopei Films can contribute to your event? We like to think along on a concept that suits your target group, objective and budget. Fill in the contact form or call us on 0157601234.